Enjoy Sapa specialties

Enjoy Sapa specialties

The tourists come to Sapa to have opportunity of seeing wonderful landscape including clouds, mountains, forests, terraced fields… And one thing that attracts most of tourists is the local food in Sapa. Let’s enjoy Sapa specialties.

Fresh vegetable

With cool climate, Sapa is the land of vegetables of temperate zone like cauliflower, broccoli, beet, chayote, mustard greens… Sapa vegetables have their own taste, very different from ones in other cities.

fresh vegetable

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Fresh salmon and sturgeon

Different from Sapa sturgeon, imported sturgeon is fatter. In cold days in Sapa, a meal with salmon/sturgeon hot pot and fresh vegetables is the best. These two kinds of fish also can be made salad, grilled…

Pork (held in hand)

The pork is held in hand to the market so that it is called ‘held-in-hand” pork. A pig is about 4-5kg. After being marinated, it will be grilled.

Pork (held in hand)

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A piece of pork must be thin, sweet and soft. Enjoying pork with Sapa wild apple wine is the experience that you must try.

Grilled food

It seems that because Sapa’s climate is cool all year round, everything can be grilled, from chicken egg, bamboo-stick rice to mustard greens, corn and sweet potato. In the evening, every grilled stall is all crowded.